Work in pogress

Homo Economicus with Dante Urbina (Submitted)


Selected papers

– Ruiz-Villaverde, A.; Chica-Olmo, J. & González-Gómez, F. (2017). Do small municipalities imitate larger ones? Diffusion of water privatization policies Urban Water Journal.

– Ruiz-Villaverde, A. & García-Rubio, M. A. (2016). Public Participation in European Water Management: from Theory to Practice. Water Resources Management, 1-17.

– Ruiz-Villaverde, A.; Picazo-Tadeo, A.J.; & González-Gómez, F. (2015). The ‘social choice’ of privatising urban water services: A case study of Madrid in Spain. Journal of Policy Modeling, 37(4), 616-629.

– Ruiz-Villaverde, A.; González-Gómez, F. and Picazo-Tadeo, A. J. (2015). The privatisation of urban water services: theory and empirical evidence in the case of Spain. Journal of Regional Research, 31, 157-174.

– García-Rubio, M. A., Ruiz-Villaverde, A., & González-Gómez, F. (2015). Urban Water Tariffs in Spain: What Needs to Be Done?. Water, 7(4), 1456-1479.

– Brahim-Neji, H. B., Ruiz-Villaverde, A., & González-Gómez, F. (2014). Decision aid supports for evaluating agricultural water reuse practices in Tunisia: The Cebala perimeter. Agricultural Water Management, 143, 113-121.

– Ruiz-Villaverde, A.; González-Gómez, F. and Picazo-Tadeo, A.J. (2013). Public choice of the urban water service management: A multi-criteria approach. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 29(3), 385-399.

– Picazo-Tadeo, A.J.; González-Gómez, F.; Guardiola, J. and Ruiz-Villaverde, A. (2012). Do ideological and political motives really matter in the public choice of local services management? Evidence from urban water services in Spain. Public Choice, 151(1/2), 215-228.

– Ruiz-Villaverde, A.; García-Rubio, M.A. and González-Gómez, F. (2010). Analysis of urban water management in historical perspective: Evidence from the Spanish case. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 26(4), 653-674.

– González-Gómez, F.; Guardiola, J. and Ruiz-Villaverde, A., (2009). Reconsidering privatization in the governance of water in Spain. Municipal Engineer. 162(3), 159-164.

Referee in scientific journals

British Journal of Applied Science & Technology; Water Policy; Water; Utilities Policy, Local Government Studies; Revista de Economía Institucional; Water Resources Management.

Revisor en revistas nacionales

Revista de Historia: Transportes, Servicios y Telecomunicaciones; Journal of Regional Research.

Member of the board of academic editors 

– British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade

Contributions (book reviews)

– Revista de Historia de la Economía y de la Empresa

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