Changes are coming

We are living in an incredibly interesting historical and political period in Spain. According to recent surveys there is a clear fact – the end of the bipartisanship is a highly feasible possibility.

Several reasons can explain this fact, namely, (i) the satiation of citizens after seven long years of economic and social crisis; (ii) the blatant inability of the government to end corruption in an effective manner and improve the functioning of democratic institutions; (iii) the clumsy adaptation of the two main political parties to social media; and (iv) the low intellectual level of a large number of spokespeople for the two main political parties during televised debates.

Several questions arise for discussion. Would the end of bipartisanship be a good thing for Spain? Would the end of bipartisanship mean the end of corruption and poorly functioning institutions? Of course, this is a hypothetical discussion and PP and PSOE could form a coalition to govern in the next term.

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